FoodNude Palm Oil Statement

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Palm oil is used in the production of many foodstuffs, global palm oil cultivation is leading to deforestation, problems for wildlife and infringements of the rights of local communities.

As a result of this FoodNude recognise we must ensure we restrict the amount of products we stock that contain destructive non sustainable palm oil.

How do we do this?

We monitor our suppliers for their palm oil use, we take time to understand their position on the use of palm oil.

A main supplier for us at FoodNude is Suma.  I attach a link to their palm oil statement. 

Suma Palm Oil Statement

We also stock Dr Bronners.  I attach a link to their palm oil statement. 

Dr Bronners Palm Oil Statement

As we grow and increase our range of stock, our selection process includes an assesment for palm oil content.

If you have any queries with our products relating to palm oil, please send an e-mail to and we will endevour to answer your queries.